Pictures of World War I

Each Worth 1000 Words…


In these pages of the website, you’ll be able to view portrait photo galleries of key figures from World War 1.

The scale of conflict and involvement was truly global for perhaps the first time in history (and of course not the last).  After the war, cartographers ended up carving out new nations and regions and essentially redrawing the political map of the world in many distinct ways.

It’s interesting to note that most people probably could not name more than 3 to 5 persons, soldiers, politicians, or generals from the First World War let alone have any understanding of the conflict.  Can you name the US president during WW1?  Or the British Prime Minister?  Or a German General? Or a WW1 hero? …. without Google of course.

And yet if I mention Hitler, Goebbels, Mussolini, Churchill, Roosevelt, Patton, Himmler, Goring, Hess, Hirohito, de Gaulle, etc. many of these are almost household names.

The First World War had many key generals and leaders who bore great responsibility for the course of the war (both positively and negatively).  But there were also officers, soldiers, writers, poets, photographers, flying aces, civic leaders and heroes who inspired people and events.  Many of these figures have been lost to time, but their stories and key roles are no less significant.  Many of the portrait pictures show the key figures from the Allies and Central Powers.  See if you can match them up with some of the many figures listed here.