Pictures of World War I

Each Worth 1000 Words…


Warfare is a broad topic when it comes to World War 1.

It’s not like a static subject where you can list tactics, artillery and army deployments in a concise paragraph that encapsulates the war.  In fact, discussion on warfare wouldn’t even provide you with a sense of the environment during the war because of the dynamic situation of this period.

During the start of the First World War, soldiers were not dug in into trenches, did not contend with poison gas attacks, did not have the tanks and artillery that came only a few years later.  If one were to examine what warfare was like during 1914 and what it looked like by 1918, you would have a completely different picture.  Everything about World War One changed and evolved and adapted to the changing circumstances.  Ironically, one of the biggest motivators in the technological warfare push was in fact the stalemate after the winter of 1914, when it became clear that the war would be a long one with no clear victor for quite some time.

Many believed the war itself would never end.  In many ways, they were correct as WWII is often cited as a direct consequence and even continuation of WWI with only a brief period of uneasy peace during the Weimar republic era.

In the subsequent pages, you’ll see articles and photo galleries depicting all modes and methods of warfare through the full Great War era.  From weapons, to battles, to the victims and casualties of a war whose technological development in the area of killing vastly surpassed transportation and adaptive tactics, you’ll bear witness to one of the most devastating and profound aspects of World War 1.